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G.T. Williams Fund


Explanation of Application Process


The Gwilym T. Williams Scholarship Fund is administered by the Penn Northeast Conference of the United Church of Christ.  This is a reimbursement grant program, designed to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning, who are members of a PNEC congregation, and who are preparing to embark on a career either as an ordained minister, a certified teacher or educator, or a doctor of medicine.   Financial assistance is awarded only to help pay the institution-stipulated costs of tuition and/or housing.


Typically, a successful candidate receives between $500 and $1000 in financial assistance for one semester period, although from time to time the grants exceed $1000.  Candidates are eligible to receive grants for two semester periods per year—for up to 10 semesters for all undergraduate degree programs, and up to 10 semesters for all postgraduate degree programs.  The applicant will determine which semesters are best for her/him to apply for a GTW grant.  It is the policy of the Allocation Committee to provide scholarship assistance to all qualified candidates. 


A candidate is required to submit to the Penn Northeast Conference office all of the following application materials before her/his request will be considered.  All materials must be in our office by October 1st for consideration for a grant for the summer and/or fall terms, and by March 1st for consideration for a grant for the winter and/or spring terms.  The three application materials to be submitted on time are:


*  A completed application form with all required signatures.


*  A signed statement from an appropriate professor or school administrator on school letterhead indicating that you are enrolled in a program of study which is appropriate for one planning to become an ordained minister, a certified teacher or educator, or a doctor of medicine.


*  An itemized bill from your school for the current term (the only one for which a grant can be offered), which includes the cost of tuition and housing, a confirmation that the current term’s bill has been paid, and specifies any and all grants that have been awarded to you for this term (excluding loans and work study).  (If you are living off campus, the Committee will need to receive from your educational institution an official statement about the average cost of housing on campus—if you wish for the Committee to consider housing costs in determining the size of your grant.)


Again, we cannot process your application until all of these MATERIALS have ARRIVEd AT THE CONFERENCE OFFICE!


You will be notified in writing within eight weeks of the submission deadline as to whether or not you have been awarded a Gwilym T. Williams scholarship.  Scholarship grants are for one semester (winter/spring; summer/fall) only.  One must re-apply each semester for a new scholarship.


If you have any questions, you are invited to contact Nancy Azar, who is most easily reached at:

Application Form


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